JOSM Plugin Development

Hi I wan’t to build a new plugin but I have problems to set up the Eclipse Environment.

  1. I Checkout all of SVN /JOSM
  2. I created a Plugin Dir basing upon the template dir
  3. I changed JavaC to 1.5 in the Project Preferences

When I try to compile my Plugin by using the build.xml I get a

What is my mistake? Is there a way of “ignoring” the other JOSM components cause there are so much errors and warninigs?

was my mistake, nobody tells you, that you have to check out both seeprated , the plugin environment and JOSM itself :slight_smile:

Hi, i have the same problem, i have checked out JOSM trunk and josm plugin’s enviroment. I’ve set the classpath of my plugin with JOSM jar, but the error still appears.
I tried with jdk 1.7 and 1.6
Did you set another configuration??


In cases of doubt, have a look at

there is a list called josm-dev …

try to subscribe and ask there …

the main developers of JOSM should be present there.

thank you very much stephan.
I’ve solved my problem but i’ll look your recomendation. (y)