JOSM plug in "intersect way"


some time ago there was this nice little JOSM plug in “intersect way” that created nodes where there were ways crossing one another without a common node (keep right would say: “intersections without junctions”).
In some parts of Argentina, for example, there are tons of this problem; check keep right here or here.

Now, this plug in ist not offered to be downloaded any more.
3 questions:

  1. Is there any archive where I could find it?
  2. Does anyone of you have still a copy of the plug in file?
  3. Or even better: Is anyone interested in creating such a plug in?

Greetings, Geogast

It appears that the author did not release source, and is not maintained, and therefore not compatible with current versions of JOSM, so it is no longer listed.

The validator plugin contains some of these checks - I don’t know if it does everything that the “intersect way” plugin did.

I don`t need the checking, but the repairing.
There are places where in a square kilometre there are around hundred of “intersections withour junctions”. If I correct them one by one my head explodes. With the plug in it was a matter of seconds.

how should a plugin fix these problems? how should the plugin know, if there is a crossing, a bridge oder a tunnel?

Did you take a look at the keep right page I posted? There are no bridges and tunnels and these are all crossings. If there were bridges, they could be filtered out to avoid nodes.
Such a plug in would not make sense in well mapped areas in Germany or UK, but in countries abroad with not so many mappers, it would.

o.k. in your example, there will be perhaps just crossings.
but p.e. in this case:
I’m sure, there will be a lot of bridges and tunnels, and not just crossings.

now, there will be the question: how should a plugin know, in which regions it could be connected “automaticly” these roads or in which regions it coudn’t do this?

Sure! Using anything like this plug in here, would only cause trouble.
Such a plug in would be for advanced users in well determined cases. I does not even have to appear in the “official” plug in list.

With the plug in I am talking about you selected the ways and then pressed a button - so the human user had the control over where nodes would be placed. It is not a bot.

It would be very nice to have a plug-in which would make the nodes by itself; the user would have just to select the ways and the plug-in would make the nodes. I’m a mapper and it takes me days to draw all the nodes one by one after drawing a whole city

Imagine you just need to select all parallel and perpendicular streets and then the plug-in would draw all the nodes at each crossing

Sorry for posting again in this old post.
Just to close the topic: utilsplugin2 offers the function I was looking for.