JOSM: Own icons in own presets


I do not know whether my post is well suited here…

I created a new tagging preset for JOSM with icons newly created by myself. Adding a local zip-file with the xml- and the icon-files works fine and, as expected, all icons are displayed in the JOSM preset menu. Furthermore, I uploaded this preset to the JOSM wiki including all icon files attached. So far, I am now able to select my preset in the presets list of the JOSM preferences dialog. But in contrast to the case with a local file icons are not displayed. Does anybody know a solution?

Did you try to download the ZIP form the preset page on the JOSM site ? Is the structure matching your local ZIP file ?
Take a look at e.g., and the reference to 90.png

Hope this helps

Thanks for your answer. Unfortunately it does not help me to solve my problem.

The structure of the downloaded zip-file matches to the one of my local file and the references to the icon files are according to your linked sample. Of course, I consult other presets during creating my own one and after I got aware of the failure.

I do not know why but now it works…