JOSM not working when called from overpass-turbo

Hi all, I am new to JOSM.
I want to edit data which I have generated using through the export button → export to JOSM.

A few attempts have worked, after enabling remote control.

Now, all attempts to do the above results in JOSM “contacting server” for 30 seconds, and then JOSM completely freezes.

Anybody knows what is going on?

Does it make a difference if you use http or https in overpass turbo? Could be a problem with the certificate. Not sure if that applies to overpass but such problems happen with the map.

The website I am using is

The overpass server setting in JOSM (connection setting) is

Should that be the same?

Sometimes we have hints about server failing at

scroll down there …

Try using the other way, loading data from JOSM, File → Download from Overpass API

Your query may be too large, taking too much time to run or returning too much data for JOSM to handle.

Further details on your query would be needed for some more specific advise.

Did you try with another browser?

Can you check your browser’s javascript console for any error messages?

Thanks for all the input. I am using Microsoft Edge, I believe it does not support Java (?). But JOSM is an independently running programme isnt it?

Indeed, shorter queries (three lines max) do work a little better, although still unnecessary slow in my opinion.

Java’s not needed in the browser, but javascript is, and Edge, just like all modern browsers, supports it.

Here’s how to open the console:

Apply the workaround in the first comment here.