JOSM not showing place names

I found that when I tried to download an area with place = neighborhood/villages etc., I encountered an anomaly. If that place is marked with a node, it will show up on that download screen. However, if that place is marked as a polygon/closed way, the name of that place disappears.

Consequently, it causes an unnecessary download to check if that place has already been named or not.


Where exactly in JOSM do you miss the place name?

Standard render does not show it by design, and JOSM also

Is it about the slippy map shown in the download dialog? That’s - by default - the “OpenStreetMap Carto (Standard)” style

Ok then. So how do I get the download slippy map to show the name? I’ll try see other styles that might help. Also I might try looking for the reason why the powers to be decided that way.


You can find places with no name using QA tools or a overpass query.