JOSM: New plugin to ease mapping objects from background

Hi All!

Thomas and I have created a plugin for JOSM called AreaSelector, which allows you to create objects from background imagery. It was build to help mapping buildings based on imagery from, but it could also be used for other imagery.

The plugin creates an image from all background layer and creates a polygon around the point you clicked. The analysis is based on the color at the click point. It may not create the perfect shape, but I think it’s a good base for mapping buildings.

A building tag dialog will automatically appear with the last values remembered. That makes it easier if you map multiple buildings in one street, so you don’t have to enter street, city aso. every time.

I would be happy to get some feedback what you think about the plugin!

It seems that AreaSelector isn’t compatible with Tracer2. If both are activated, Tracer2 crashes after selecting an area (reverse procedure not tested).

Greetings Klaus

Hi Klaus,

I wanted to include some functionality from Tracer2 and copied some classes. I did not use that function, so I remove that classes.

Version 1.2.2 is now available:

Please let me know if that fixes the issue.

slightly a different topic (since you’re into image processing) :smiley:

Can you make a plugin to zoom mapbox images (which has max zoom = 17) to interpolate to higher resolutions in a much prettier way like in ID editor? Currently, those mapbox images look very blocky in JOSM when interpolated at higher zoom range.


Hi kucai!

There is already an issue for that on github:

Unfortunatetly the min or max zoom level does not always work. For basemap i.e. you get 0 as max zoom which is already overzoomed and you get jpeg artifacts.

Thomas is already on it and I hope we can implement that soon.

If anybody has a piece of code how to find out the best zoom factor that works good please let me know.