JOSM - my filters are gone?

I repaired my Windows OS,all my programs were uninstalled including Java and JOSM

so now after i installed Java and JOSM,my filters from my .osm file are gone - i had my objects filtered by name,in this case
The .osm file is still the same but no filters,and i had a lot of them

Are filters cached/stored somewhere?

is there anything that can be done?

The .osm file contains osm map data only. Filters are stored like all other programm settings in the preferences.xml file which is in the folder %appdata%/JOSM

If this file was deleted during your OS repair and you have no backup, then I fear there is no way to restore your filters.

(edit: There is also a preferences.xml_backup file in the same folder. However if the xml file was deleted then this file probably too.)

Thank You!.Yes,they are gone

You didn’t move to a new user account as part of the “repair” did you? %APPDATA% will probably translate to something like “C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Roaming”. There isn’t still a “C:\Users\YourOldName\AppData\Roaming” is there? Windows may try and prevent you getting at it - if it does you may need to find a friend who’s more familiar with Windows admin to help you with it.

i have still the same user account with the same name.

i’ve looked in the C:\Users\MyName\AppData\Roaming\JOSM and i have preferences.xml file but this is the new one,the old one i think is gone

i will rebuild them…what can i do

Thank You!