JOSM, Mapstyle, numbers

I like to see some ref numbers, big on the the screen at some nodes.

See some mapstyles.

How to make such Mapstyle part.
Also the number placed beside, the icon on the node.

How do I style that?

Say ref=345 on node

Need some example to work further, if you have the clue, the important part, the rest follow.

If I am not wrong, JOSM map styles are written in MapCSS

see for more hints.

Yes mapcss.
See here for already existing styles:
Full mapcss docu is here:

As starting point you can try:

node[ref] {
text: ref;
font-size: 25;
text-color: purple;
text-halo-color: yellow;
text-halo-radius: 3;

Thanks, I try

Edit: I just realized this is a preset question.


<key key="direction" text="Degrees/number 0-359" />

This give a failure, any suggestions?

see preset docu:

“key” is only for a fixed key value pair. You need “text”:

thanks I read there but did not understand how, overlooked it somehow, English not my daily language