JOSM-MapCSS error: Same value of cycleway:left and cycleway:right (if lane but lane=exclusive+advisory)

When editing a road, I get the error in JOSM:
Suspicious feature combination - Same value of cycleway:left and cycleway:right, use cycleway for this.

Actual tagging:

Tagging corresponds to the reality on the ground. I interpret the warning like you should tag cycleway=lane + cycleway:left:lane=exclusive + cycleway:right:lane=advisory

But somehow it feels wrong. Is the warning irrelevant here or is the current tagging not nice?

Thanks and greetings from snowy Austria

I prefer to use cycleway:both in cases of cycleways on both sides.

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That means it’s fine to use cycleway=lane + cycleway:left:lane=exclusive + cycleway:right:lane=advisory?

Yes, I guess so.

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Thanks! Will change it at the specific way :slight_smile:

I agree that warning is irrelevant here and should not be raised, and I would report problem (after updating JOSM and checking whether it comes from official validator or some plugin).

You can report things via Help β†’ Report bug (top right menu)