[JOSM] Mapbox imagery - lower zoom


Anybody found a way to work satisfactorily with lower resolution Mapbox imagery? (as comparable as the qualtiy iD editor extrapolates lower resolution Mapbox imagery). I can only zoom so much before they became indistinguishable blocky pixels. Editing with iD is beyond my tolerance to pain, besides seeming to need an i7 system to work smoothly…:stuck_out_tongue:

Have you tried changing the gamma and brightness settings? Maybe it helps a little.

I did and it helps (kinda) in tracing rural highways. But in towns/cities, building outlines and streets kinda merge together into indistinct shapes. I have 1 city and 1 town near me that I am still waiting for zoom 17±level imagery to trace. Been adding gps traces here and there when I passed by but it would be nice to just trace the whole place from the comfort of my chair. :slight_smile: