JOSM maparea, creating IMG, uploading to postgreSQL


First of all, I’m relatively ne to the OSM community, but liking it s far…

There are several challenges that I would like to overcome with regard to using and updating the information.

A little background:
I’m a entusiastic 4x4 driver, as such I’m always on the lookout for the most up-to-date ad most accurate maps containing all the smallest tracks.
Now I believe I found same in the OSM collection, most of all because you can upload your own tracks.

This lead me to the following challenge, how to use this manificent data on my GARMIN 76CSx, that was no issue. Dowloade the IMG file from, used img2gps and of you go!
Up to date and accurate information on my GARMIN.

That got me wondering about something else; considering my phone has a GPS as well, could I possibly upload the IMG file to my phone and have some android app use it ?

Also no ‘real’ challenge, found Androzic on google play, works like a charm!

However, there is one challenge remaining: How to pre-load Androzic with sufficient tiles so that it will be able to safely navigate me through rugged terrain with no cellphone signal, hence it cannot download its own tiles…

My thougt was to use the IMG file, as that seems to contain all the data for entire WA in all details!
Yet I have been unable to make that work.

So, I ended up at Mobile Atlas Creator, but that receives a lot of ‘blocked tiles’ because it is requesting too many tiles.

So, the solution lies in making my own maps…

Therefore, I’ve downloaded JSOM to be able to manipulate OSM information, which works fine, however if I save the information in an OSM file and the use mkgmap to create an IMG file that I can then upload to my GPS (using img2gps) I keep getting the same small area instead of the data contained (and displayed in JSOM) in the OSM file ?
If I use the IMG file from osmaustralia, no issues whatsoever, all data there ! That leads me to assume that there is something not entirely right with the OSM file ???

Challenge 1: Be able te create own OSM file that can be manipulated into IMG file using mkgmap, then
be uploaded to GPS using img2gps and and installed in Basecamp using MapSetTools.

This however still does not solve my other issue, of being able to create large number of tiles for preloading onto phone or tablet.

To do this I tried to install osm2pgsql ad postgreSQL that is postGIS enabled…
So far, so good, I’ve installed postgreSQL and have a nice geospatial database within it, no password requirements etc. etc.

But now for the hard part, to actually get the osm2pgsql application to upload the data into the database…I cannot seem to get it working ??? It drives me nuts!

Challenge 2: Be able to upload own OSM files to postgreSQL, appending to (if ever) installed world map.

The aim is, to draw my own tracks before I head out in JSOM, save to postgreSQL, create tiles for upload to adroid platform and afterwards use GPS track and routenotes for refining the data ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated !

kindest regards,

Martijn (East Fremantle, WA)