JOSM Map style "lane and road attributes"

From one of the recent discussions went out to read to include the connectivity relation and tried a few bits before buying the “lane and road attributes” style. Hallelujah. Being big on tagging destinations and directions whenever encountering guideposts, living here in a true maze, this picture told me almost everything, to include realising the destination:backward tag should have been used instead of destination:forward as the little locality is along this road to the west.

There’s just 1 piece missing here that I think could use a little help… The arrows that show which direction the road was mapped. When unselected maybe red, when selected maybe white, though the second pic is somewhat better after a little staring.


Not everyone sees colours with the same definition, it certainly would help me.

Tested what the interrupted white bars do when overtaking is forbidden and lane_markings=no and lanes=2 is removed. Neither 3 tags had effect, presuming that forward/backward destination tagging would do something removed that upon which all the augmentation disappeared, but lanes=2 put it back. Good.

All I’d like is getting the drawing direction arrows to be a little more emphasised/contrasted, JIC the maker of the great mapping style addition is reading this, if it can be done, please do.


You might want to enable a JOSM drawing option.

JOSM Preferences → OSM DataDraw Direction Arrows

For the removal of lanes=2 not having an affect, the paintstyle assumes that there are two lanes on most roads, so if it needs to render something (like destination=San Giorgio 6,5), it will use the default lane count in order to render the destination tag. It does this with various other tags that it has rendering support for.

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Hallelujah two. Had that option ticked, but, also the “only on the head of a way” near where stop/yield spots go). Unticked it and great got greater, the rendering in unselected state is perfect now.

Thank you for your quick response.

Oddities with the “lane and road attributes” map style, a screenshot of a river area around Fiume Fino, the rendition looking strangely similar to the road weaving to San Giorgio.