JOSM (latest) unusable with new shortcuts

For a few days JOSM is unusable for me. They changed some shortcuts because of conflicts. But now I have to press Alt+Shift+1 to get the tag editor (plugin), it was t before. Move my hand to ESC to unselect, it was u before. I pressed these keys every 2-5 seconds (a, click, click, click, t, edit tags, u, click…). That was possible without moving the hand on the keyboard. Now I have to type strange combinations. Argh…

Sorry, had to express some of my frustrations…

PS: I’m a software developer, too. I know that there are some decisions that don’t make users happy, but this is a real problem because I’m used to this keys after the last years.

Assign custom shortcuts in the preferences; this shouldn’t be too hard.

There has been a major shortcut rework recently. This will not be reverted completely, but you can discuss individual key bindings and suggest better alternatives on the josm mailing list or josm bug tracker.

It was not possible the configure an own key-map when I wrote my post. At least not for functions like unselect or for plugins.

It should be possible to remap most of the shortcuts including unselect and plugins. Please write a bug report on if you miss anything in the shortcut list.