JOSM key=healthcare

why does the key=healthcare not function(fill-in automatically) in Josm ?

The default presets don’t yet contain the healthcare key. See has had healthcare presets (in some cases combined with conventional tagging) since ages.

I just changed (as an example) amenity=doctors into healthcare=centre , but now, it does not show an icon anymore on OSM … how come ?
Also, amenity=doctors is ‘automatically’ in josm, but healthcare=centre is not ‘automatically’ …

In my opinion has the key=healthcare a lot more ‘options’ than the tag 'amenity=doctors’ … :roll_eyes:

I noticed that healthcare is spelled as healtcare in the example you linked. I haven’t checked if healthcare tags are rendered but naturally mispellings won’t be.

ah, thanks, i just corrected that, that is also a reason why i would like to have an ‘automatically-filled-in’ in josm, to avoid such ‘misspellings’ :wink:

And to get that you need to click on the JOSM download link and then disable the build in JOSM one. Really a no-brainer.

thanks, here is more info for ‘newbies’ about that →