JOSM Importing source code to Netbeans

After i clone code from github using netbeans clone option, my project missing many files. (jar files…)
Doesn’t the project need to download those files automatically?

Does anyone know how to solve this?

I asked elsewhere (#josm in osm-us’ Slack), and someone familiar with JOSM development replied:

“We’ve switched to Ivy for dependency management. I don’t think anyone on the core team uses Netbeans, so the configuration for it has not been updated.The person in question might want to look into Ivy in Netbeans (a quick duckduckgo search gave me IvyBeans, no clue if it is good or not).”

Not sure if you read this guide?
If you cannot use ivy in Netbeans you should be able to get all files with ant on the command line

ant clean dist

Thank you for your help guys, it seems that importing into netbeans is not supported. It is best to download all the files and insert them manually …