JOSM: how to show nodes which have tags

Is it possible in JOSM to show which nodes have tags?
Besides examine the nodes one by one?


Yes, it is possible!

Try the search feature after downloading your target area:

see Help/Action/Search – JOSM

Then try to enter there:
type:node AND *=*

For that aim, try the “TODO” plugin … see



I am not sure if I fully understand your question.
Depending on the tag and the active mappaint style(s) you will see all kinds of icons.
With only the default mappaint style active all nodes without a dedicated icon but at least one tag are rendered with a filled box in opposite to the untagged nodes which are only rendered as an empty box. In wireframe mode the filled boxes represent nodes with any tag.

Yes, Search respectively Filter is another option. You do not need AND and there is a special keyword.
Try this filter:

type:node untagged

or this search:

type:node -untagged

Thanks for this suggestion!

These examples are the opposite of what I’m seeking.
But the type:node AND *=* is ok

For a visual representation I think you can use JOSM’s wireframe mode.

type:node *=* works equally well as does *=* type:node :upside_down_face:

hmmm, why do the asterixes not show?

Edit: Per post below added back quotes before/after asterixes to suppress unintended formatting.

If you want things to appear literal in Discourse forum, you need to put backquoutes around it.
So you would type e.g. `type:node *=*`. Without backquotes, many non-alphanumeric characters (like asterisks) will not be displayed literally, but instead are used for formatting.

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Strange, for me the search type:node -untagged and type:node *=* produce the identical results.
If you are looking for the opposite, just add/remove the - in front of untagged.

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I got what I wanted by selecting the inverse of filter “type:node AND *=*”.
Then selecting all (ctrl-A), all none tagged nodes are highlighted.

I assume there are others ways to get the same result, but this method is enough for me! :grinning: