JOSM, how to set up starting position screen.

Opening JOSM every time it is opening on San Antonia island.
also when opening Bingmap

How can I changed that in my country or a place.

Could not find it, maybe the wrong searching words.

I’m not sure what exactly you are doing?
Are you opening JOSM, then choosing one of the options from the imagery menu? If so, then yes that seems to default to N0°, W0°, ie in the Atlantic off Africa, near San Antonia island.

The usual way of using JOSM is to first download some map data. ie click the “Download from OSM” option, then pick the area you want. This should default to the last area where you downloaded data. Then you pick the maps from the imagery menu, and it will show the imagery for that area.
Note you can also add bookmarks for downloading data, which is useful if you want to quickly switch between different areas.

I suppose the imagery always defaulting to 0°, 0° could be considered a bug. I don’t know if its been reported previously, if not could add a ticket on Trac.

Thanks, changed my starting proc…