JOSM How to find buildings with connected nodes

I’m cleaning up some imported building outlines where there are overlapping building outlines, but they aren’t caught by the “crossing buildings” validator in JOSM because the outline ways have connected nodes.

Any idea how I can find these connected buildings in JOSM so I can clean them up?


  • enable “Show informational level” in the validator preferences.
  • Run validator and look for Other->Overlapping Areas

Worked great. Thanks!

If you didn’t already know you may also be interested in Osmose’s overlapping buildings issues. You can easily identify intersecting buildings and load them into JOSM for improvements.

If you don’t want to have gaps and/or small buildings in there you can just view intersecting buildings aswell but it’s usually a good way to find objects that can be improved in some way or another.

Thanks for the tip on Osmose; I didn’t even know about that tool.