JOSM: guider lines best practices?

For landscape drawing with long vision lines, interrupted by (a lot of) whatever, I need a #guider line #guide_line #hulplijn.
The UI doesn’t deliver such a thing (or keeps it hidden for starting users) nor a grid that might help.

Looking for best practices, I didn’t find any on this subject.

So, please give me some hints on how you did the trick, that didn’t kill existing nodes or added unnecessary one.

The common practice seems to be just drawing untagged lines and deleting them when no longer needed.
JOSM validator should complain about such lines before upload anyway.

Thank you,
that was an option I considered, be it with a tag that definitely was not rendered, but was not aware of that warning yet. I’ll try and draw where apt.

Another option, that I thought might be of use for e.g. a row of trees, was drawing, tagging and then chopping up, deleting the unused parts.
Is there any advice against that, in your opinion?

As long as you do not upload the ways with “a tag that definitely was not rendered” that is no problem. Why would you upload those OSM ways? Create them, use them, throw them away, upload the data that you created with those guider lines.

I see no problem at all with your second option. It’s the final result (the data that gets uploaded) that is important. It does not matter what tricks you used to draw it correctly.

Other ideas (not sure what helps for your use case):

Thank you all for tips and hints.

Finally I found by accident (through a topic on measuring) the solution I was looking for:
the measurement plugin, though maybe not designed for that task, brings the lines that can serve as a (non sticky) ruler / guider line.