JOSM: Gps coordinates for a relation


Sorry, but I am newbie to the whole maps thing.

I am using JOSM and i downloaded the OSM data of a rectangle area of interest.
Then i picked a ‘route’ e.g. ‘Autódromo José Carlos Pace’ that has 23 members.
How can i get the gps coordinates of these members? so i end up with full route coordinates.
Please see the osm file!AqyK7GAlUddCiKlLslzfJAJztZ3s5A.


What do you want to do with the coordinates then? So do you simply want a raw text list with the coordinates?

Yes, simple csv file.
Also is it possible to get elevation?


You could create a new layer → download object → relations → 6781071 → check load relation members → delete the relation → you have then only the ways. → select all ways → delete all tags → combine all ways to one → save as e.g. .osm file or .gpx file

OSM does not have elevation data, except for some individual points like mountain tops.