JOSM Getting street under a landuse line


I am trying to add a route for a hiking trail. Now I have the problem, that the street that I need to add as a segment lies under a landuse polygon. I can’t select the street. Is there e.g. a possibility to show the objects shown on the screen, so I can cycle through the objects?

The coordinates for my example are 48.9267422 9.4938492. The left border of the landuse is also a street. On the top left corner the street continues on another landuse, there it was possible to select the street because I searched the name of it. But it seems the other street I had the problem doesn’t have a name.


You can click with the middle mouse button to cycle through them. What you can also do is set a filter to ‘disable’ landuse and other elements you are not working on.


Thank you, that was it.