JOSM Filter tool - is there a good guide to this anywhere?

Hi all,

I’m wanting to use the filter function in JOSM but can’t make heads or tails of it, and I can’t find any detailed guides anywhere.

In essence what I want to do is filter out all data which is not a certain tag, eg ‘building=yes’, so only ‘building=yes’ is displayed. I have worked out how to hide ‘building=yes’, but how do i do the opposite.

Cheers, Will

Look in the JOSM panel where it lists the filters. It has columns for E, H, I, M. The column I is inverse filter, so tick that and your filter will do the opposite.

Or you could change your filter text to -building=yes. The - symbol means not, so it will filter anything not tagged as building=yes.

There is some help here, though its not especially detailed: