JOSM-extensions XSD

Hy there,

I got the following “problem”:
I am right now working on my bachelor thesis and I process GPS-data, that I downloaded via JOSM.
I export it to the GPX-format and then import with the application I am working on.
In a GPX-file created by JOSM, there is also the namespace “” declared. I use JAXB to import the GPX file, so for every namespace, the schema should be well known. Well, until now, I just discovered just one JOSM-tag in the GPX files, so I wrote a very little xsd-schema file for it and the import works fine.

But, I’m a bit anxious if that are all possible tags. Can anybody tell me about the josm-extension scheme or, wich would be perfect, tell me where I can find the .xsd file?

Christian from Berlin

please excuse my bad English

By the way: that is my josm.xsd right now:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

<xs:schema xmlns:xs=""
  <xs:element name="from-server" type="xs:boolean"/>

If you cannot get any useful answer here, try to ask at the high frequent German subforum here,

or maybe even better: The JOSM dev mailing list … see

Schema .xsd file is now available:

Hey batik,
thanks a lot for this answer!