JOSM Error Duplication

It seems that JOSM tends to duplicate nodes, ways and even relations when working on lower zoom leves, it happend to me when building relations (turn restrictions, areas). Other members have complaint about the same in the past and I thought it was their unexperience in using the tool
Although the correct node or way is selected JOSM seems to pick up near objects as well. I haven’t been able to find the way to reproduce the issue but I will pay more attention to find a pattern


When you can find a pattern for that error, please also tell us what version of JOSM you are using.

And have you already investigated all tickets (open and closed ones) about JOSM at about that error?

I’m using the latest stable version available, the newest one is gonna be released on March 5th. I haven’t looked to any tickets. Perhaps it is a problem with the API/server, who knows

We haven’t been able to find a pattern until yet; one of our mappers made a SW to find duplicated ways. Here the results for Argentina. Most of them made by myself in the month of February and related with some kind of relation, either a turn restriction or a mulipolygon (mostly turn rest). I will let them as they are for a while before fixing them

It’s very strange that all duplication happened almost at the same time and I can’t say they were my first ones so as to blame my unexpirience, ha ha ha

duplicación: 78932767 78932769 -34.5157995 -58.5624720 1 paralela a Ader (sin nombre y thames) - (estela)
duplicación: 101885075 101891615 -34.5690261 -58.4575077 cramer y av. de los incas
duplicación: 101885094 101891628 -34.5772979 -58.4403463 concepcion arenal y cramer
duplicación: 101885114 101891643 -34.5781662 -58.4404041 cramer y dorrego
duplicación: 101885129 101891654 -34.5796989 -58.4261265 godoy cruz y guemes
duplicación: 101885098 101891631 -34.5799108 -58.4324901 guatemala y fitz roy
duplicación: 101885071 101891611 -34.5802051 -58.4475609 Enrique martinez y Newbery
duplicación: 101885112 101891642 -34.5812640 -58.4275076 godoy cruz y charcas
duplicación: 101885110 101891640 -34.5818833 -58.4357736 bonpland y costa rica
duplicación: 101885082 101891620 -34.5825429 -58.4270048 paraguay y godoy cruz
duplicación: 101885116 101891645 -34.5836328 -58.4323741 juan b. justo y nicaragua
duplicación: 101885072 101891612 -34.5837013 -58.4368633 honduras y fitz roy
duplicación: 101885136 101891658 -34.5851281 -58.4350565 honduras y juan b justo
duplicación: 101885115 101891644 -34.5860708 -58.4376324 cabrera y humbolt
duplicación: 101885068 101891608 -34.5862393 -58.4354752 gorriti y juan b justo
duplicación: 101885074 101891614 -34.5869498 -58.4345847 gorriti y godoy cruz
duplicación: 48743340 91815156 -34.6286070 -58.5723582 diag 60 republica y acayuasa r.mejía (agusqui)