JOSM: enhancing default presets

A cross-language counterpart for the topic in russian forum branch.

Idea: enhancing default presets in JOSM by expanding the most popular and useful tags described in the wiki.

Current suggestions:

  1. “gate” and “lift_gate” preset — DONE
  • maxheight
  • access
  1. “bicycle_parking” preset — DONE
  • type option: rack
  1. “entrance” preset — DONE
  • option: wheelchair=limited
  • optional tags: addr:flats, ref (entrance number)
  1. “building” preset — being discussed
  • building:levels
  • roof:levels
  • material
  1. ATM preset — being discussed
  • cash_in
  • access
  1. “crossing” preset — being duscussed
  • traffic_signals:sound
  • button_operated=yes/no
  1. “power” presets — FIXED - latest JOSM release (6767)
    ~ modifying station and sub_station → substation (wiki)

  2. man_made=chimney — TBD
    ~ According to the wiki the tag accepts nodes and areas. Preset currently accepts only nodes. Supposedly should be fixed.

  3. tourism=artwork preset — being discussed

  • artwork_type (statue, sculpture, mural, painting…)
  • artist_name
  • start_date
  • website
  • wikipedia

The idea is about defaults, so the suggested tags/properties should be documented, widespread, useful and clear for newcomers. But feel free to speak your mind anyway :slight_smile:

You may happen to face some resistance. You might want to read :
“Some people may have the urge to fill in the preset form completely”
And that comment seems actually true… How often have I seen a oneway=no tag on normal roads, foot=no tag on motorways etc.

True enough. One of the reasons I stressed the words “documented, widespread, useful and clear for newcomers”. Controversial and redundant tags have no place in default presets, that’s what user-defined presets are for :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link btw.

    • It seems that this issue was fixed in the latest stable JOSM release (6767).

It’s been a long time. There are currently two pending preset patches: one, two. Please leave your feedback, preferably on Trac.

There are some more suggestions on the Russian forum:

  1. Add minimal support of detailed building mapping (levels, material) to the default presets as the Simple3D plugin, while good, is currently overburdened for the casual mapper.
  2. Add presets for marking social networks as a contact. I’m not sure if anyone does really need this, but still, why not.
  3. Move “building name” in address preset to the bottom as it is rarely used in non-English countries. The rationale behind this is pure usability: house number and street name are a must-have for the region while building name is not.
  4. Add residential=urban/rural to landuse=residential.

What do you guys (and girls, if any) think?