JOSM editor question - Snap to road/trail in OsmAnd+

I am using OsmAnd+ to do hiking in the mountains

Most times I can use the measure distance tool and then choose the snap to road feature in OsmAnd+
The measure feature will then snap to and follow the trail and give me the distance on a wiggly trail

I have added a few local trails using the JOSM editor
The trails I added were .gpx tracks that were merged into the main data layer
I copied some of the attributes of the trails that already existed and these trails can be snapped to in OsmAnd+

But I cannot use the snap to road feature in OsmAnd+ on the trails I added

Is there something I have to add in the editor to make Roads/Trails/paths I have created able to use the snap to road feature?
Thanks for any help

It would help if you could link to examples of trails that do and don’t work so we can compare how they’re tagged.

I created a OsmAnd+ way point with the coords
The way point is right at the bridge in my screen shot
This is the waypoint text

Lake Logan Road, Burnett Siding
Location: geo:35.373367,-82.93769?z=16

Clicking on the url above does not show grn mtn trail, but it show up in OsmAnd+ and in the editors

Fork ridge trail measurement is able to snap to the trail
You can save the gpx file and open it in my places as a route that follows the trail

Green Mountain trail is not doing this
Saving Grn Mtn as a .gpx and the going into my places, you get a straight line between the two points

It looks like OsmAnd+ is doing something after you create the 2nd point on Grn Mtn
But the route is not visible over the top of the trail like it is on Fork Ridge

Check out my screen shot
See how Fork ridge is a solid purple after measuring?

Grn Mountain does not show the route after measuring

In addition to my info above, if I use the save as a new .gpx file option for the measured trail
save as new .gpx file - save as route points

The Fork ridge trail .gpx file measurement saves and displays correctly following the trail

The Green mountain .gpx file measurement shows as a straight line between the two measured points

Like on my screen shot below

So my question is
What makes these two trails different?
I would like to correct Green Mountain trail in JOSM