JOSM draw lines setting


I’m pretty sure there will be a hidden setting somewhere to do exactly what I’m looking for, but so far I haven’t come across it and searching on the web and here hasn’t done anything yet either.

My issue is simple; when drawing new lines, JOSM used to immediately show the connection from the last drawn point to where my cursor is, so I could already see what the line with the additional segment would look like before I click to actually set the point. Now, when I click for the first time a point is created, and when I move the cursor to a different place the connecting line isn’t shown. Only when I set the next point, the connecting section appears.

Is there a way to change it back to what I’m used to? I found it way more handy that way. Thank you so much for your help!


I think the setting you’re looking for is Preferences > Display Settings (first section at the top) > OSM Data tab > Draw rubber-band helper line.

Thank you so much!