JOSM download openSUSE 15.2

For the rpm in openSUSE downloaded by YAST the repository location for JOSM is

when the RPM is not updated yet, just download the josm-tested.jar and copy it to** /usr/share/java** (root rights needed)

Maybe I can make an


package running on my EasyOS-Linux.
But, sorry, as a openstreetmap-beginner I do neither understand the information about the suse-file, pls, nor do I get it!
My purpose Is just *opening a .osm - file and look into it.
Gratitude is my second surname, thank you in advance for any advice! :smiley:

.osm file is an XML file.
you can see the data as text with any text editor, or in a “map” with josm
or use any other tool that process the data to get the result you need, e.g. a list of cities, a list of parks, etc.

This note was meant as a correction/addition on the JOSM installation Wiki, where the info concerning openSUE was updated through version 15.0.
Since the new package was not available yet, I described the workaround to update to the recent stable version of JOSM, so one is not fully depending on the time available for packagers to update asap

Other distros may use a different file location.