JOSM download of several objects simoultaneously

There is an option on JOSM to download a single object, like a way, node or relation.
Is there a way to download n ways knowing each ID?


Maybe scripting in JOSM can help?

File / “Download Object”, or CTRL + SHIFT + O

This option allows you to download a single object, not 20 at at the same time or I don’t know how to use a separator to form a list of objects to download. It would be great to have the option to write every ID separate by “?” so as to download several objects at once
do you know how to do this Mike?

the other way would be scripting as stephan already pointed or make a direct query to the API through a get, but first I’m looking for the easiest way

Now that we have the spiffy JXAPI, the queries usually succeed and have some advanced options that may help -[network=US:IL]

[Downloads all relations, but no ways meeting the search criteria ]