JOSM: download data with notes from remote control

how can download data with notes from remote control?
i tried

but this is not working. where is my wrong?

I thought it was automatic?
The way I do it is to open in browser (JOSM has to be running before browser starts with remote control enabled). Select area, then click edit with remote control. Switch back to JOSM and there will be a message asking whether to start editing.

The “rectangle” described by this link is a point.

i know. but this link cant load notes. i need notes and data maps.

i know but its example.

try this link:

Seems the &layer=N used in the first link is not supported by JOSM. I’d suggest to open a ticket if you need it

Yes, for remote control, the ticket is
However &layers=N works in Open Location Simply paste this URL in the map view and you can choose which data you want to download in that bbox.

hmmmmm, i thin you right. JOSM not support Note Layer in remote control. this is very bad :frowning:

It would require a modification on the side first, see the linked github issue in the josm ticket.

Did you try the Notes plugin ?
I thought it always downloads the notes for the current BBox.

this is work with remote control?

The plugin works without remote control, but I thought it would download the notes for the data that is displayed. So remote control downloads the data and then the plugin downloads the notes for that area. Not exactly what you asked for, isn’t the end-result the same?

p.s. at least that is what I think the plugin is doing. Haven’t used it in quite some time.

i need work with remote control.
anyway this is not important.

very thanks for helping

You can always download the notes in JOSM in the same layer afterwards?