JOSM doesn't working

I downloaded JOSM, JAVA and latest OpenStreetMap.
Then I open OSM with JOSM and have an error “Could not read file ‘full-planet-111208-1550.osm’. Error is:
Please explain why i had this trouble?

The whole planet would be too big for JOSM.

You can try to download a smaller area from JOSM (the “download map data from the OSM server” button, control-shift-D), or try a smaller area downloaded from for example (but I am guessing these can also be too big).


You dont understand me, I want to create own server with OSM

You should ask better formed questions, honey!

All information is delivered in tthe very young site called

Or consult the OSM wiki, serach there for things like “ubuntu tile server” or similar.

how to use auto pan command Josm ?