JOSM doesn't work in the newest versions


until some months ago, I could work with JOSM without any problems. The last version working correctly at my PC (running under OpenSuSE 13.1 and Gnome) is 10526.

Under 11427, I literally cannot do anything any longer.

If I try to download data, I get a java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.openstreetmap.josm.gui.MapView$LayerChangeListener. The same happens if I open a file for editing.

It seems to be such a fundamental error that I think it is probably related to my local installation rather than anything else.

At work – where I use Windows – everything works as it should.

Before raising a ticket, I’d like to ask here: What do I do wrong resp. what can I do?

That’s probably some outdated Plugin. Check this post:

(Translation: Rename plugin directory and try again)