[JOSM] Displaying zoom level 0 to 20

Can the current zoom level (0 to 20) be displayed somewhere in JOSM’s User Interface?
I know there is the scale in the upper left corner, but zoom level would be handy when writing/manipulating mapcss files with lines like…

node|z17[setting("shrink_nodes")]               { symbol-size: 4; }

…to see if the mapcss works as intended at the given zoom level (here: 17).

PS: I already created a table which shows me that scale 50m means level 18, 100m means level 17 and so on. But this is a bit cumbersome.
PPS: maperitive for instance shows the zoom level in its status bar.

Did you try to start JOSM with --debug? I think that displays this info (but also much more)

I tried starting JOSM with --debug, but I can’t see any difference.

The additional info is only displayed when a background image layer like Bing is active.

Indeed, it works! Thank you!