JOSM - Crashes to Desktop

In running the nightly build of Josm from 06.07.06, and when I select multiple dots and lines, It frequently just vanishes. The entire screen goes in a flash leaving me at the desktop. Its not happening at exactly the same spot every time.

Is this a known of problem, that is nolonger there in the later builds? I’m just posting this, cause i cant report bug, cause the option never comes up.


uhm… no Java programm should be able to crash the virtual machine around it! So this is probably a bug in Java, rather than in JOSM.

If you can reproduce the problem, PLEASE describe exectly what you do the get it. As example:

  • open JOSM
  • click on download, enter 55,1234567 / 1,234567 / 56,7654321 / 2,345678 as coordinates
  • download
  • click on the selection mode tool
  • select the topleft quarter.
  • now it crashes every time on my machine.

Ciao, Imi

Hmm…I redid it, and the problem occured even quicker, before i had clicked on anything

  • open JOSM
  • click on download, Click to Saved Area, Click off raw GPS
  • download
  • It finished downloading
  • Crash to Desktop

I uploaded a low quality recording of it at: (The task bar doesnt actually disapear, I just cut it when it crashes to desktop)

Usually though it is

  • open JOSM
  • click on download, Click to Saved Area, Click off raw GPS
  • download
  • It finished downloading
  • Select the Selection tool
  • Select a line (Properties pops up)
  • Select more lines
  • Crashes to Desktop

I went back to JOSM and performed all the tesks in the second list, and it hasnt crashed this time. It appears quite random.

Which JOSM revision is it as well? (Help->About)

and more important: What Java version do you use? (“java -version”)

I said all that i know about it… there is no such thing as ‘help>about’ on my version… theres only files-connection-layer and edit. I downloaded the nightly on 06.07.06 (6th July <This year!>)

File was create on 06/07/06 at 20:28:45 and it says opens with: Java™ 2 platform S if thats of anyhelp.

Do you use Windows? Please click on Start, then on Execute, then enter “cmd”.

in the black box that pop up, enter “java -version” and press enter.
if that get you a “Command or file not found” or similar, Type “cd ProgrammsJava” and then “dir” and look for the directory names.

If you use linux, open a shell and enter “java -version” (without the quotes).

The Help menu of JOSM is on the very right corner of the menu bar. I am sure it’s there somewhere, but maybe a bit unimposing :wink:

Ciao, Imi.

Ive looked at the directory names, there’s

06/07/06 19:32
06/07/06 19:32
06/07/06 17:49
06/07/06 19:32

Under ‘Help’ (wich was where you said), It says version 105, last change at 2006-07-06 12:52:11 +0200 (Thu, 06 Jul 2006)


I should include the java version information in the JOSM about dialog… :wink:

Well, I strongly believe, it is your java version. Maybe you installed Java6 Beta. There were problems reported with this before (mostrly GUI flickering).

Or you have an corrupt install. You should try to reinstall Java from Choose the latest Java 1.5 jre (usually the most penetrating and biggest DOWNLOAD ME - button there :wink:

Anyway, JOSM should not be able to crash your java machine. I really can’t fix this bug from within the programm…

Ciao, Imi.