JOSM converting node tot waypoint (GPX)

I can convert a layer to a GPX file in Josm. This works fine for way that are converted into tracks . Is there a way to convert nodes to GPX waypoints ?

I cannot give you a concrete hint, but have you already been searching at about “waypoint” or “gpx” ?

Maybe there are some hints?

You could save as an .osm file, then use GPSBabel to convert to GPX.

Thanks. I allready tried this but no result yet. I get a 1kb file that has no waypoints. It does nog seem to contain anything at all. I may have not given the right parameters. Any idea what I did wrong?


I supppose you would like to convert all the nodes into waypoints even they do not have any tags. Then I believe you could do it with the new GDAL/OGR OSM driver
You will need a development version of GDAL (2.0) for getting the driver.

  1. Edit the osmconf.ini file to report all the nodes by removing # from this section

uncomment to report all nodes, including the ones without any (significant) tag

2. Run this ogr2ogr command
ogr2ogr -f GPX output.gpx input.osm points

There are much more nice things that can be done with the GDAL/OGR OSM driver. For example you can create a POI file directly from .osm or .pbf format, take name tag as GPX name attribute and write street address into GPX description field with a command like

ogr2ogr -f GPX fuel_stations.gpx finland.osm.pbf -sql “select name,addr_street as ‘desc’ from points where amenity=‘fuel’”