JOSM changing color of GPX-tracks

I’m using Josm 5356.

I want to change color of my imported tracks. I used to be able to do this by righ-clicking the GPx layer and then pick any color I like. No matter what color I pick the GPX tracks stays light green (changing to blue, yellow orange in some parts of the track) Any idea what I am doing wrong?

When your tracks appear in different colours, it seems that you have enabled the modus that JOSM is displaying the SPEED of the vehicle.

Check your general JOSM settings about display of GPX-tracks.

Have you enabled expert mode in JOSM settings?

Thanks Stephan
l do not know why but my setting must have changed from Color to Speed (must have been me but can’t remember) . Problem solved. Do not know if I have enabled expert mode. How can I tell?