JOSM - can't download data using overpass turbo anymore ?

By default JOSM offers to download data in a square area in the sliding map, in a way that will download *everything *that is inside that square. This is however seldom useful as it downlaods way too much data I don’t want to edit. So I got used to always download data using an overpass-turbo request instead, for example if I wanted to edit roads I’d only download “highway=” data.

This features seems to have disapeared from JOSM - and was replaced with some new stuff that isn’t any useful such as entering tile numbers. The tab allowing to download using overpass-turbo has disapeared. This is extremely embarassing, because this makes JOSM a major pain to use if I can’t download data using overpass-turbo.

The dialog is still available. Sometimes the dialog box doesn’t show the fields to enter the overpass query.
Use the mouse to drag down the fields to see it again.

No it’s no more available.
Tgus firzn appears to not allow to update screenshots directly so alas I can’t show one. But there’s two tabs who disapeared from previous versions where there was 3 tabs, and there’s only one tab left; the tab which allows to download everything in a delimited square-shaped zone.

The tab allowing to download with overpass-turbo disapeared.

If it is still available then it has moved to somewhere else and I can’t find where.

Can’t confirm:

[edit:]Missing ‘t’ (sorry)

Try enabling expert mode (checkbox on lower left of the preferences dialog)

Thanks, this works great !