JOSM : Cannot use some customised tagging presets


I begun mapping a new cycle network in my region with JOSM and discovered that it was a tidy process to say the least.

I found some tagging presets on the net that are supposed to help tagging the nodes and relations of such a network but I can’t understand how to use them.

Here is one example :

	<item name="Cycle Node Network" type="relation"
		name_template="route(?{'{network} '}!{parent() type=network(network=rcn|network=rwn)'?{'{ref}' | ''}'}?{'{ref} '}?{'{note} '}?{'{name}'}"
		name_template_filter="type=route (route=bicycle | route=foot | route = hiking)">

Problem : The new tagging preset appears in the Presets menu, but whenever I click on it (while having selected the relation to tag) nothing happens at all.

Side question : I can’t find any documentation about the name_template_filter feature. What’s the use of this ?

Can anybody help me with this ?



Those name templates change how names are shown. They make it possible to compose names of objects from several tags and even from tags of parent relations.

I think it would have been better to not have them between , but I guess that was done to remain compliant with how that xml file should look like.

It’s normal that those ‘presets’ don’t do what you would expect from a preset.

If you come and look at bicycle and walking route relations in Belgium, you will notice the names become more descriptive and are ordered more logically in the lists on the right side.


Hi Ployglot, thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Ok, so if I correctly understand, the use of this preset would be naming objects based on their tags. But anyway, how does it work ?

Beside this, my questions stays : how can I speed up the process of creating the routes and adding those routes to a network ? I can’t imagine that one has to write all the tags needed for each and every leg of the network by hand. That would be extremely time consuming and error prone.

I just uploaded the very beginning of the network, if you want to check it out it’s there (not yet completely shown on opencycle map)

Thanks for your advice,


Oh, you’re in Belgium too. I have a Python script which can run in JOSM to help out with the creation of such a network. Obviously you still have to create the route relations and add numbers to the nodes, but the network relation is built up automatically and several tags are set conveniently. This script also verifies whether all routes are continuous and reports problems.

I’d like to demonstrate this to you during a hangout, if you like. My gmail account is winfixit.


Great, I was sure somebody has developed something to help such task. I added you to my circles, I’ll be happy to learn from your experience.