JOSM cannot upload

I used JOSM a couple of years ago and just reinstalled it with the Opendata extension. Imported a spreadsheet, checked and modified a bit and now want to upload. The upload arrow is and stays grey.

I also opened the settings for server and entered my credentials under OAuth, and tested. Reports OK.

Still I find no way to upload my additions. Mystery!

Hi andershl

Sorry, for the late responds. Do you still have this issue?
If it still persist, please, have a close look at the icon of the data layer in the layer panel and/or look at the last line “Info”, last item of the context menu of data layers in the layer panel.
It is possible to block the upload of a osm file/layer with flags in the header, see layer state and there seems to be a problem with timeouts on upload (JOSM #21310).

Nope. Fix/workaround some time ago…