JOSM beginner

Hello all,

I’m new to the OSM community and want to help you guys.
Just installed JOSM but there are a few things that i can’t find.
How can I move the map in JOSM? I tried also the shortcuts but that doesn’t work. I’m editing on a iMac.
Same problem for placing an icon (hairdresser). Can’t find how to do that.

I tried some help files but nothing to find about the problems. Probably so easy but I can’t find it.
Any help is welcome.

Thanks a lot, and hope i will do my part of the mapping!

Hello and welcome to OSM, Walking Beaver! :slight_smile:

Drag the map while holding the right (!) mouse button.

JOSM is one of those tools that have a rather steep learning curve. Getting used to it takes some time, but in the hands of an experienced user it is more powerful than any of the alternatives.

You need to think a bit differently when using JOSM than with other editors. That’s why it is helpful to understand the basic concepts of JOSM editing first. A good start is the “Basic editing” page of the JOSM guide in the wiki.

Among other things, that page explains how to add points and how to assign tags to them (such as shop=hairdresser for a hairdresser). And it explains things better than I could, so I recommend that you read it first. But if you still need help or have other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Everyone starts out as a beginner after all!

Ok thans for the information. But i have a trackpad so no right button.
When i trie to use the shortcuts it is working but not with the arrow buttons.
Maybe another Apple user can help me?


On the MacBook (so I assume the same is valid for iMacs) you move the map view by two-finger clicking and then dragging. You zoom in & out by two finger dragging (without pressing): left to zoom out, right to zoom in. It’s quite annoying when you first switch from a PC JOSM, but it’s possible to get used to.

The JOSM menu layout and keyboard shortcuts are also slightly different from the JOSM on linux/windows.

OK thanks for the information, gonna try that…