JOSM and tiled USGS orthoimagery

USGS has stopped offering “seamless” high-resolution orthoimagery for my area through the WMS service.
The newest releases are only available in “tiled” format shipped offline on an external USB hard drive.

Is it possible to use these “tiled” images in JOSM?
If so, how?

Yes, in JOSM you can add this TMS URL:{zoom}/{x}/{y}.png

See for details and examples.


Thanks for the reply but I don’t think you understood my question.
The question is not about an URL.
The question is about USGS files on a hard disk.
Can JOSM access them?

So what is the format of the USGS files? “tiled” is not very specific, there are a lot of ways to store tiled image data.

Josm can apparently use file:// in url for a TMS source.

However, the other issue is what the exact tiling scheme the USGS use. Josm TMS currenlty supports the google/osm tiling scheme and the osgeo tiling scheme.


That is a part of the problem. I haven’t found any usable documentation. Doesn’t anybody in OSM land have any experience with USGS imagae files?

You are referring to

Can you just write an email to the email-address mentioned on that site
and ask for the format?