JOSM and conflicts

I am currently in the process of an import that do to software issues and the failure of my home internet connection has become rather drawn out. My current issue is this:
For some reason the upload fiddles with deleted nodes, right now when I start to upload using JOSM, it thinks for a bit, spits out a bunch of notes about skipping deleted nodes, and then kills the upload without warning or explanation. I attempted to sync the data with the server, and was presented with almost 8500 conflicts. All of these conflicts are marked deleted in both “my version” and “their version:” the only difference appears to be that the nodes have coordinates attached to them in “my version.”

To resolve these conflicts manually would involve at least 7 hours of tedious clicking, which I am not prepared to do. So here are two possible solutions (in the broadest possible sense) to my problem:
Either I a) resolve the conflicts in an efficient manner, or;
b) restore my unsynced session (which I have saved) and continue the upload process, but so that JOSM doesn’t stop the upload every few minutes.
My problem is that I have no idea as to how to do either, which is why I am asking for help.

I am running JOSM 6502 on OpenSUSE 12.3 (x86-64)

So you really want to upload data in size of an import to the OSM database?

If yes: What is the source of your data?

How many objects do you have? If you already have 8500 conflicts, you have many more objects in general to upload?

Have you paid attention to the **guidelines ** at ?

When JOSM reports a conflict when uploading, then it is obvious downloaded OSM objects before, and you edited them? correct me if you did it otherwise.

So when you give us more information about your import, maybe there is a way to handle it more elegant, and without breaking the import guidelines.

I have been doing imports of this size (or larger) for years now, as my account history will confirm. The imports are primarily Natural Resource Canada’s Canvec Files with secondary data from the Manitoba Land Initiative. These imports are part of a project that is much wider than me. (though as the only importer in Manitoba I am the only one currently using MLI data)

I’m not sure what you mean by “then it is obvious downloaded OSM objects before, and you edited them.” Of course I merge the data to be imported with the preexisting data manually to ensure the smooth integration. Most of my imports are in areas devoid (or nearly devoid) of data, though I often have to match up highways and waterways.