JOSM - Alternatives for ImportImagePlugin

I use that plugin to load (Sentinel-2, Landsat 8) GeoTIFFs - it just works. However, its limitation is that I could only load one GeoTIFF file per session. If I’m going to load another, then I have to restart JOSM and start again.

Any alternatives? Hopefully there would be the offline ones. I have a limited internet plan, therefore uploading them to the cloud and display them via TMS is obviously not my cup of tea.

An alternative is the PicLayer plugin, but as far as I know, it doesn’t support the GeoTIFF format directly. If you can extract / convert to a word file, then this would work.

You could set up a local tileserver:

that is, if you manage to do so, since I’m trying to accomplish the same…

I was exactly thinking like that too, but it may take extra time and effort e.g. how to set up a local (WMS/TMS) server and how to make sure things will work out as intended. Thanks for linking that Wiki page.

By the way, I came across this blog post where it mentions about Maptiler.

If my understanding is correct, then the application will help someone to basically generate tiles. The output would be a directory with a lot of tiles from many zoom levels but at least we could point JOSM to this directory? I haven’t tried this yet, but let me know if the result is something much like that.

See an updated guide here Maptiler is limited in the free version, but there is a free alternative.

I made some progress today.

Download Maptiler

Then download an local Apache server, such as wampserver or XAMPP.

Install tileserver in the ‘www’ or ‘htdocs’ folder of the Apache server. Use these instruction:

Then use Maptiler to process a GeoTIFF as standard tiles. If your tile is too large, use Qgis to crop it and save the crop as tiff again. Save the output from Maptiler in the same folder as the tileserver.php file as described here

Now start the Apache server, open your browser and go to ‘http://localhost/tileserver

if you just get plain php code in your screen, use this solution

but… this is not the end. Because you still cannot use this in JOSM, the WMTS does not work on localhost domains…

Okay, to ‘fix’ this (assuming you’re on a Windows computer), open your hosts file, and redirect the localhost like this example.local

or whatever you like (see

restart the apache server

now your tileserver page should be at http://example.local/tileserver/

Finally, right click the WMTS link at the top right, copy it and paste in JOSM like you normally would.

Enjoy your offline tiles.

Some notes: Maptiler’s free version adds watermarks (not very obtrusive for editing OSM). As you can see from the image, the alignment is perfect but the sampling seems very poor, i will try to adjust the settings. The free version of Maptiler has a maximum resolution limit of 10K by 10K per image, Sentinel-2 tiles are… 11K by 11K. There are scripts to split them though, so not a huge problem.