[JOSM] Align a building along a street?

In JOSM, is there a way to rotate a building so that its wall were parallel to a certain street?

Assuming the building is defined as an area, then just drag the individual nodes in the area until the building is lined up how it should be. No need to rotate anything.

I guess that siberiano is looking for an automated tool, which would obviously be faster and more precise than node-dragging. I don’t know a tool that does this, though.

If manual rotation is enough, select the building, press Shift + Ctrl + left mouse button, then move the mouse - that’s not precise either, but at least faster than moving individual nodes, and it preserves the building shape.

If all the angles are right, you can combine rectifying the outline (hit Q) with rotation.

Select the building and two nodes of the road, then hit Q to rectify - the building is aligned in the same direction as the two selected nodes.

Ah, interesting.

Nice one! Thanks a lot!

Just noted that it’s written in the message box when I press Q on a wrong selection. Moral: read what’s written in dialog boxes.