JOSM : algorithm for route calculation


We are students on Master of GIS in Saint-Etienne (France) and we have to achieve a project of collaborative work.
Could you tell us what are the variables taken into account in the algorithm for route calculation?

Thanks in advance

Route planner applications typically use road attributes and connectivity to determine the best path. They do not use the OSM route relations or ref designations. For route planning, refer to the bibliography of several open route algorithms:

Open Trip Planner -



have an **intensive ** look at the OSM wiki about

That wiki page is the ultimative collection to all programs, apps and webservices that offer routing based on OSM data.

In detail I would have a focus on all opensource projects mentioned there.

And finally you have to decide what general routing algorythm you want to try or use:

djisksta, a-star, contraction hierarchies to name but a few.
See and related ones in wikipedia.


Thank you for your helpful contributions.

We are now finishing our project, you can have more precisions on this topic :

Enjoy it,
The GIS master class