Josm 7643 Straigthen line works wonky


Just found out that it doesn’t work predictably. If I want to straighten line A to C, two things might happen:

  1. like it used to ( Point B will be moved in line between A and C)
  2. point C will be moved so that it will continue in a straight line of point A and B.

How does it compute? Case in item 2 happens when B and C is closer than A to B. i.e A…B…C


I cannot check myself right now but are you sure the difference is coming from the distance of B ? isn’t is the sequence on which the nodes are selected in JOSM (“select A, then B, then C” or “select A, then C, then B”) ?

Does selection sequence matter? I didn’t know that since my straightenings are done by area selections, or just click the points without regard of sequence. That would be news to me. I’ll check it out next time.