Jerusalem name tag

I remember that once was decided to not add name tag to Jerusalem to prevent edit war.
Despite this, the name tag was returned about 7 months ago: Changeset 42428821

Should we revert?


Back in July there had been problems with that user deleting and modifying administrative boundaries in/of Palestine, Israel and Jerusalem. I left several changeset comments with no replies and at the end I had to revert. It was hard to tell if it was vandalism or just mistakes while mapping. But since that thime there had not been further complains. Until today.

I know we had this Jerusalem Resolution due to extensive edit wars about the name-tag. The problem I see is, that this happened before the license change. As all of those involved in the edit war didn’t approve the license change, their edits had been redacted. I.e. nowadays you don’t see anything in the history about this conflict anymore and a normal mapper can’t easily see that there had been this resolution. Also due to the high number of name:xx tags you don’t/didn’t easily see the note-tag (depending on your editor of course), so in my opinion we could retire this old resolution (and the resolution actually allows to re-add the name tag if involved parties can agree on something). If we don’t retire it, I guess we’ll see name additions over and over again.

Anyway, I’m not a local mapper and I would like to have your input on what to do. It would be great to hear a few more opinions on that and I/we’ll try and help enforce it. No matter what, I’ll also point the mapper above to this thread so he can participate if he wishes.

on behalf of the OSMF Data Working Group

At present time node has name tag
but corresponding boundary relation has not
They should be synchronized by some way

P.S. Also there is one more relation with name tag

The name tag may cause trouble in the future even if no one complains now. Why open a closed can of worms? What benefit would adding it bring?