Jerusalem Light Rail

There seem to be two relations that represent the Jerusalem Light Rail service, one tagged with light_rail, one with tram.
I was going to delete one of them and then re-tag it with the new public transport scheme (one relation per direction and a route_master).
But I wanted to ask first what you think.

You are welcome to do so!
It makes absolute sense to “fix” it. There is soooo much to do in Israeli OSM that those details where left with low priority.

Beside that we have the one and only subway without any kind of relation. Shown here as bug:
If you want you can also create it the right way there :slight_smile:

Help is always welcome !!!

I am so proud :stuck_out_tongue: I have done exactly that a couple of days ago! So the bug ist outdated.
OK with the light rail. I’ll do it soon.