Jersey, Channel Islands


Im new to OSM and live in Jersey, channel islands, which has very limited map coverage! i.e. the detail on the map only shows major roads.
I have a GPS device and have been collecting data traces and uploading them to OSM but I can’t work out how to actually add the traces to the map?

I have tried looking at the beginners wiki guides etc, but it won’t allow me to open them? I assumed that the link would just open as a webpage but it opens a download window for an unknown file type, which i cannot open when i download it, could someone please advise here?

As a beginner i don’t know how easy it is to put all my traces through into the maps and then edit them… but if it is going to be too difficult, would someone else be willing to edit the traces i upload?



Your uploaded traces are here: I am not sure if the database is correctly loading GPX traces this morning: the wiki says this feature is currently down, which may well be the problem you are having.

If not the easiest way to edit is as follows:

If you chose the edit option next to a trace, you will start up the online Potlatch editor.

Choose the left-hand green button to edit, with save option (this allows you to discard edits if it all goes horribly wrong), the red button EDIT LIVE means that changes are automatically committed to the database as you edit: not recommended!

At this stage I would not click on the convert GPS tracks to ways option. In general this creates too much detail in the way which requires a lot of cleaning up.

The way will now show as a thin greenish line, you can trace over these lines to create ways, and then add tags to them using the options at the foot of the editing page. A little bit of experimentation is in order, but be careful what you save. There is a help button at the foot of the Potlatch page which gives basic advice.

Best of luck.


Ok, yeah i found the trace GPS tracks button so i can see how it works now!

I’ll give it a shot and let you guys know how it goes. Thanks for the help.


That’s great news. I visit Jersey and (even worse off for map detail) Guernsey a few times a year so good luck with the onging mapping!

Guernsey is doing quite well on OpenStreetMap… I’ve done most of it myself over recent years, including all the cliff paths on the south and south east costs. The next time I’m there I’m hoping to do St Peter Port a bit more and then the parts of the north that I’ve not had time to do. Someone did the north east last year. Street names will need adding at some point. I used to go off on my bike, or go for a run, then upload everything to my computer, then go off on another expedition trying to remember which roads I had already been on. Hard work, but good fun. Something seems to have gone wrong with the coast at the moment on Osmarenderer and I’m not sure why.