JB area highways

Seems like the JB area is full of primary roads. Too many I would think. As I am not entirely sure how to classify primary roads in town/cities, I usually reserve primary for a road that is really obvious (usually with terrible traffic jam during rush hour), while reserving much of anything else to secondary/tertiary. Even the osm wiki itself is kinda confusing. I just read the how to classify wiki, and it seems to indicate that there should be more primary roads than I previously thought. However, on the highway page, it seems that the classifications are more to the way I understand it since the first time I registered with OSM.

Oh well, as long as my routing app is not confused, I am okay with it. :smiley:


I do wish that parties doing the tracing around JB to be more careful/mindful in their traces (hint: zoom to the max while tracing, that way you’ll see that the road ends in a turning circle instead of connected to the main highway). Spent a couple of hours cleaning up the area from overlapping highways, and 99 crossing highways in JOSM. I haven’t even started fixing the nodes that are “close but not connected” yet. Your contributions to OSM are highly appreciated, so let’s do it right (and legit) the first time around. :wink:
See you guys around!